Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Summer is Still Here!

We have not finished unpacking as getting resettled is taking a little longer. We had a quiet Sunday with doing chores, grocery shopping and getting in the last day of tax-free back to school shopping for AA. Monday, the 5th, started with visiting AA's school to check in, shopping for back to school supplies and going to the library.  After a short walk and bike ride, Auntie-Carolyn came for a visit after she got off work today. It was great seeing her and hearing about her new job.We enjoyed the very warm water pool and dinner together, cooked by Chef Hubby.
I am back to work in the morning and looking forward to catching up on my "to-do" list! Hope you all are enjoying the summer!

Drying off and chatting:
Goofy AA and Carolyn!
Hoping for a quiet week of hair appointments, eye doctors, golfing, swimming and our last week of Summer Bridge Home schooling!

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