Saturday, August 24, 2013

Life - Blog - No Big News this Week!

This week has been slow as in nothing extraordinary to blog about. Some exciting family news came near the end of the week. No new photos. Just a nice routine week! The school year has begun and we learned about a new grading system and development plan for each child. Sounds promising as each child will move along the curriculum with other children of like skill levels. Also, volunteer meetings and an Open House this Tuesday evening. AA has received "Outstanding" conduct these first two weeks of school. She tells us that Payten and her stay out of trouble! Not so much for the boys at her table! Always lots going on with school.

On Monday, we looked at a few homes in St. Augustine with nothing to report. No home has grabbed our attention yet that is in our price range. After our house hunting, we met with Auntie Carolyn and Kayla Mayse (was Pillsbury) for dinner (iPhone photo below).

Ford actually played golf with a work retiree on Tuesday. I think this was a rare time for him to socialize and not have our six-year old tagging along! Ford also went to the dentist knowing he probably will need a root canal and crown; yep, he was right!

Grown daughter Leaa and Jesse called on Thursday to say they have come to agreement on buying a home; so excited that they have a contract and now to see how the inspection and closing goes!

Last night, Friday evening finished with Alyzabeth going to our Church's Parent's Night Out program. She plays hard in the gymnasium for a couple of hours with friends then we go get her at bed time. Since babysitters are rare, this is a great couple hours for us to regroup and have some unwind time!

Saturday, today is sign-up day for the non-competition T-Ball team. AA says she wants to play so this will give her the skills so that she can play in the spring.
If the weather is good today, we hope to get in some golfing practice with friends at Eagle Harbor.
Alyzabeth has the Summer Golf Championship game, Sunday (tomorrow) and has practiced very little this week due to afternoon storms. Not the usual summer Florida showers; legitimate tornado warning, lightning type of storms!

Since we only have one photo for the week, I copied some from my Mom (kayaking on Little Sebago Lake) and one of my sister's phrases/quotes for the day, so true.

And we still try to watch some of the NASCAR races, cheering for Carl Edward and one of my all time favorites (see below). So tonight, hoping for win for either of these drivers!

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