Monday, August 19, 2013

Golfing - St. Johns Golf Club - First Place Finish!

The next to last tournament in the Summer Series was held at St. Johns Golf (located near I-95/Exit for CR 207). It was very wet, typical with all the storms and summer heavy rains. I think everyone's ball went "splash" each time it hit the ground! It was soggy and muddy, thankfully a bit windy too since the heat/humidity index was 103 degrees!
We haven't figured out yet how much golf AA should play during the week. Sometimes we think she should be out there six days per week, then sometimes she goes four days without golfing. We definitely know that one can get "rusty" if you don't golf at least a couple times a week. She has a regular lesson schedule too.
Practice at the driving range:

During the game, we were held up on the last four or five holes:
Receiving the medals: AA scored first place. We didn't know this until we were finishing the nine holes as Bryn played with an eight year old girl (she was the only one and they can't play alone). We were surprised and pleased.

Above: Tori Mouton, first time playing in this series (played with Bryn).
From my post on Facebook: AA's first place finish! She's a trooper! Next week is the end of the summer series. Since she missed three tournaments while we were on vacation, no championship trophy this time, can't make up points for the missed games. All fun for the families and we love to watch her play golf!
Another medal to hang on the wall!

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