Sunday, August 18, 2013

First Week of School and Other Fun!

The first week of school seemed to go very well. At least from our perspective. AA passed with flying colors, no misconduct, no surprises. Completed her first week of homework. We took advantage of Friday and went to breakfast with Charlie and Donna Perry. A rare treat to get out during the day, easier now that summer is in session.
AA favorite lunch: fruit, vegetables, olives, cheese and pepperoni! We mix it up, but mainly finger foods, no sandwiches.

We went to a school-mate's home for BBQ and pool fun. AA enjoyed swimming and seeing Jane too. Lots of boys, it got a little rough at times; let's just say AA and I are not used to being around lots of little boys! I didn't take many photos, some light rains came, so put away the camera. Good food and Carie McCarley's hospitality was all good!

Jane Weigand came so there was one other girl!
We then went to the River House for the pre-Jaguar game and cook out for just a few minutes. Kelly does a great job keeping the little club together!
Sunday morning we made it to church (sometimes a challenge for us!) and then off to a golf game. We are finally getting into a routine! How is your end of summer routine going?

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