Tuesday, August 13, 2013

First Day of School - First Grade

AA began first grade today. She is happy about that, for which we are thankful. She has some new clothes, not alot as she fits in about 50% of her school wardrobe from just a few months ago. I am sure we will need to buy some new jeans/slacks once the weather cools down, but for now plenty of "summer" clothes. All went well, new homework assignment, lots of forms for parents to sign and one school supply we didn't get right (who ever heard of a "primary" composition book?)! She is out golfing nine holes right now at Magnolia Point with "golfing - boy - friends", Joe and Aiden! It will be a late bed time for her!
Leaving in the morning, all smiles:

Down the stairs, out to the truck with Daddy (I went in separate car for a quick get-away to work):
This was my favorite photo even though her eyes are closed......
Waiting until the school bell rings in the truck with Daddy:
Outside Mrs. Woods classroom:
Inside the classroom:
Daddy's hand written lunch note for AA:
Seems like a good start!

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