Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vacation - July 7th

Our first full day in Maine was a family cook out. My Aunts and cousins made it an easy day for us; they brought lots of food (thank you!)! We enjoyed the very hot day in or near the lake water.
AA and cousin Brandon:

In the lake, cooling off: Chris and son Anthony (our great-nephew), with Grandma Terri looking on:
Anthony enjoying the water:
Aunt Patti, Jamie and Grandma Barbara; sister Terri and Mom (Nana):
Ford and George (above); Barry and Chris Emmons (below):
 Kids diving for clams..... $ 0.01 each!

 Heather (above) and below in the lake with Anthony:

Cousin Jim's grandson, Mikey:
A fun day at the lake!

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