Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tuesday - Spending Time at Terri and George's

Had a wonderful visit with my sister Terri, Hubby George and their daughter Jamie and grands (Brandon and Kimberlee). It was another HOT day, so thankfully they have air conditioning and a sprinkler hose for the kids outdoors. AA and Brandon had lots of fun!

 They keep chickens:
 Large, abundant garden:
 Kimee with dog Sophie:
Outdoor fun to cool off!
They have a large garden so picked peas, green beans, cucumbers.... plus they have lettuce, zucchini and flowers. Along their property they have the wild Queen Anne's lace flower:
Watching the kids play:
George has opened a bakery and makes lots of breads and sweet treats (whoopie pies in peanut butter, mint, regular flavors plus cookies)! If you are in Albion, visit his shop on Wednesday - Friday.
More family visits this Sunday!