Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Traveling - On the Road!

Our second day on the road was long with some interesting pit stops.We had Subway subs for lunch on our tailgate at a rest stop (first day we packed a picnic lunch from home).

 Playing her recorder, driving us a bit crazy in the truck!
 Lunch and snack times in the truck:
We stopped for the night at an Ethan Allen Hotel, very nice; a little worn looking outside but great interior with many large public areas to explore (AA appreciates that!). We enjoyed an appetizer and a glass of wine in the lounge:
Beautiful flowers in the courtyard, gazebo and by the pool:
Once crossing the Maine border (and uploading photos of the familiar green bridge over the Piscataqua River), we Googled the best lobster roll in the towns nearby. We ended at the Pool Street Market in Biddeford; no crowds, no problem.

The $12.50 roll was unbelievably large! We enjoyed every bite (we would only ask next time to add extra melted butter):
Then we were home! Great trip, not too many traffic delays and our vacation begins!

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dawn said...

oh that Lobster roll looks divine.