Monday, July 08, 2013

Traveling July 2013 - Foy's

We began our summer vacation with a stop at China Travel friends, Tonya and William. Alyzabeth and Sophie were playing together from the first minute, so nice seeing the girls engaged, sharing and chatting. First inside:
Then outside around the yard: this is the same Barbie electric car that they rode in together three years ago.
Fun time in the pool with Uncle Charlie!
Lots of splash time!

Sophie has the best yard and house to play in. They could play for days and never tire of all the toys and activities:

Sophie is so expressive and goofy at times!

Dessert time:

The Foy's gave us the gifts of golf balls (for AA) and Peanuts, chocolate and fried; so yummy! The girls are chewing handfuls of them here:

Thank you for a great visit!

Wish we lived closer!

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