Friday, July 26, 2013

Thursday Fun!

We used the paddle board again this morning even though it was 52 degrees outside when we got up! It warmed up to 61 degrees when I finally paddled out on the lake again (in my regular clothes!). We had to return it to L.L. Bean right after lunch but we got our use out of it yesterday. Fun for five adults and several kids. The new toy to have!
Ford took AA golfing this morning; I didn't go as I wanted to get one last paddle-boarding session in!

We headed to L.L. Bean to shop and bought lots of on sale sandals for the kids. Then to Gritty's for a few brews and luscious lobster bisque, fish and chips and a steak panini sandwich. All good!
For the early evening, Aunti M made a great campfire and made s'mores. Yummy! Thanks Melissa!

AA bought a new puppy dog, a L.L. Bean golden retriever, and named her Molly!
 Fun with the fish at L.L. Bean:
 Our "Bean Boot" portrait!
 AA caring for her new puppy (her bed is full of her "pets"):
 Making s'mores, I think Dylan will turn into a marshmallow!
 She was singing "The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round"; so cute!
 Yummy! (and I bought the wrong chocolate bars; should not have nuts in them, bad me!):
 Aunti-M putting it all together for us!

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