Sunday, July 21, 2013

Saturday Evening - Cruce's Arrive!

Yeah, they are here! This is Jesse's first time in the State of Maine (and our two Grands). Another hot day, so everyone put on bathing suits and settled in the lake for over an hour.

 Loved the jet ski ride:
 After the initial visit and swim, the Cruce's drove to their vacation home to settle in and explore. They have a cottage with a screen porch and their own island that has a picnic table, fire pit and dock.
We started the grill and then went by boat to pick up the girls. All in all, a very fun evening!
You can barely see the boat across the lake at their dock:
Above - Loading the girls into our little boat at the Cruce's dock.
Below - Just takes a minute to boat across the lake:
All the rest of the photos are out of order, Jesse swimming with the girls out to the float several times, jumping in (Livi held back the first time!), swimming (almost sinking it looks like!) with noodles:
Rocking the float when the big boat waves come ashore:
 Livi having second thoughts:
Dylan spending chat time with Poppy:
Dylan telling Poppy about her lake clam:
Grilling hamburgers with cheddar cheese, hotdogs and corn:
Livi and AA scheming about jumping in the lake with their clothes on!
Jesse being bombarded by the girls, they didn't seem to mind the lake (they are more used to pools and ocean):
A great day, so happy to have our family in Maine!

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