Saturday, July 06, 2013

Neighbors and Peppers

We have great neighbors, from the youngest couple on one side and the "grandparents" on the other side.They are so nice and make great company. The "Grandparents" have been the recipients of lots of our baking attempts (cupcakes and banana pudding), birthday gifts and shared peppers plants. Today, they dropped by to give AA a gift and us some yummy preserves. And the two little travel Cabernet wine. So cute! All we need to do is peel off the foil lid and enjoy a glass of wine during our travels!

AA signed a thank you note for her gift of a magnetic dress up doll set:
We have been giving away lots of peppers; we seem to be very good pepper farmers! Mild and Hot, take your choice!
Enjoy your summer with friends and family! Happy July!

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