Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Monday - Beach Vacation with Hilary (Higgins Beach)

We had a great day (07/22/13) at Higgins Beach with Hilary.When we first arrived in the morning, it was high tide. The kids enjoyed playing in the surf until the tide slowly lowered and exposed more beach sand. We walked the rocks, collected shells and searched for sand dollars.
Terri brought Jammie, Brandon and Kimberlee; Melissa, Leaa, Jesse, Livi and Dylan came, cousins Judy and David were staying with Hilary; Connecticut cousins Merrill, Joan and Bruce (Andy's husband) arrived around noonish. Plus, the Tounge's and Campbell's (Molly, Sadie, Lily and Henry).

 Cousins and family:
 Henry and Dylan "sharing" toys:
 The pathway to find your way back to your beach chairs:
 Telling family stories:
 The girls played well together, exploring Hilary's vacation home:
 Henry was having fun!
Many thanks to family for providing a fun day and good food (and lots of red wine!)!

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