Monday, July 29, 2013

Maine - Sunday Last Day 07/28/13

Our last day was packed with church at the Good Shepard UMC of Gray, visitors of cousin Sharon R. Grover (brought a few things for us to take to her sister Carolyn) and friends Deb Emmons and Rocky Scott. We dressed for church:

AA took this photo of  Nana and me:
Sharon visited (above photo).
Last Sea-Doo ride with Aunti M (below)!
We were entertained with the Morse (Miller) family out in their para-sail:
Friends Deb and Rocky visited and then we met up at the New Goucester Village Store for an informal dinner::
Ford putting away the boat motor, was fun having it along with the Sea-Doo, kayak and paddle-Board:
After her last Sea-Doo ride, AA contemplated jumping in the lake, but then didn't:
After dinner, we shot off a few fireworks (the Morse's were too, as they celebrate their Forever Family Day with daughter Emily).
 AA bundled up as it was misty rain and breezy:
 Fun setting off a few fireworks we brought to Maine years ago, still good!
Packing was a pain, but all ready to jump in the truck in the morning! We missed seeing new friends and places, but hopefully we will be back each summer. We look forward to planning more gatherings and finally getting to Mike and Melinda's place over Fourth of July 2014 with the Chicago cousins!
Bye to our lovely Maine and family!

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