Monday, July 22, 2013

Maine - Sunday Family Dinner

Leaa and Jesse's second day at the lake: We went to get Livi on the Jet Ski and brought her over to start swimming. The day was cooler but the kids still jumped in the lake. Later the sun came out and reached 80 degrees.

Some group photos from our Sunday dinner at the lake (Terri, me, Jim. Patti, Mike and Melissa):
 Auntie Jean playing "tag" with Dylan, her great, great niece:

Livi with Aunt Alyzabeth:
Lunch time!
Terri and George brought the famous Aunt Elsie's Thanksgiving jello salad, I love it and miss it each year:
The Smoking chef:
Andrew and Britney came over after they got off work; Andrew caught some wake boarding with Josh, then dinner with us (all left overs, but good!).

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