Monday, July 15, 2013

Maine Sunday and Monday Morning

Before I begin our daily update, I have had time to "shop" on line. I really love Etsy and now love the Grommet. Happy Shopping, click here!
Back to Maine: We decided to head out for dinner as it was pretty hot. Mom knew of this restaurant less than 10 miles up Route 26 (town of Poland) on Middle Lake; Cyndi's. It has air conditioning on the second floor so we ate lobster rolls and fried scallops there.

A nice area, on the lake, lots of views to enjoy:
 Sunday, jumping off our "float"; AA and I had a blast in the water, swimming, pulling lots of clams out of the lake, floating with Auntie-M........ It was a Sunday and very WARM day.
Monday morning was quiet, the lake calm:
Blueberries that are not ripe yet, soon, in a couple of weeks:
Mom's new dock:
The new motor for the very old aluminum boat:
Today we have a tee time at Spring Meadow, Gray. Then we will see Britney ride her horse; AA is looking forward to going to the stable. And it is supposed to be a hot day.

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