Sunday, July 28, 2013

Maine - Saturday - Next to Our Last Day!

Our last weekend in Maine! It was sunny, a beautiful day. Ford began it early by putting four Boston Butt pork roasts on the smoker at 5:30 a.m.We had a family gathering with Terri, George, Jamie, Brandon, Andrew, Britney and Auntie Jean. The Morse's came by as my Mom had a yellow roller luggage bag for Emily. We always enjoy their visit; great family to hang out with.
After the lunch, there was too many sweets: we bought a cake and cupcakes for an early birthday celebration for Andrew and Britney; homemade sweets by George, the ice cream pontoon barge came by...... everyone had too much sugar!
Brandon and AA playing in the lake and all enjoyed jet-ski rides.

Sweet Emily with her mango Italian ice:

Visiting geese:

Aunti M having fun with AA!

Melissa saw a stranded boater and towed them back to their rental camp in the narrows:

Blueberry picking:

Smoked BBQ pulled pork:
Soon we will be on the road, heading south!

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