Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Maine - Monday Afternoon at Vienna Farms 07/15/13

We were so happy to watch Britney Carter at her horse riding session, Vienna Farm, Monday, 07/15/13. She is a beautiful young lady and our niece (long term girlfriend of our nephew Andrew). She was so sweet with AA, allowing her to help groom her horse, Swing.
Swing came out of the barn with his mosquito netting over his head. He enjoyed fruit treats that AA fed to him.

Much care was given this very tall horse; Britney really knows how to make Swing feel good!
So cute working together:
Ford noticed this sign:
After the ride, Britney brought Swing out to the hosing/water station: he generally enjoyed the shower! He really liked seeking out the hose to get more drinks!
Then, Britney "squeegees" him off, getting all the water out of his hair.
More treats before we left (apples, carrots and a banana):
What a fun time (even though we were sweltering in over 90 degree heat inside a barn - remember what a horse barn smells like?)!! I know AA wishes she could have ridden that sweet horse!

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