Sunday, July 21, 2013

Maine - Friday Morning 07/19/13

Since I had hiked last July 2012 with cousin Hilary, Alyzabeth wanted to know all about hiking. So I picked Bradbury Mountain as it is close to our Maine home (my Mom's house) and is an easy climb. The views are great at the top, unfortunately, I picked one of the hottest days to hike! Amy Dudar and her adorable two daughters (from China) and my Auntie Jean joined us for the hike. All went well, except we were very HOT!
AA and Vivian (5 years old, 11 months):

Hiking the longer, flatter Northern Loop path:
At the top:
Back at the base, the playground is fairly new:
Auntie Jean taking lots of photos:
More photos that Auntie Jean took:
 My Mom joined us at the end of the trail for a visit, then we headed off to a new place to have lunch. I used my iPhone and Trip Advisor to find something close to the Park and up came Edna's. Supposedly have the best donuts! We had some nice sandwiches and a salad. A great place to stop in.

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