Sunday, July 21, 2013

Friday - Saturday (Catching Up)

This post is before the Cruce's arrived.
Friday/Saturday morning: AA wanted to kayak by herself. The paddle is a little too heavy for her, may need to find a smaller one. She enjoyed it except at the beginning when I pushed the kayak out too fast and too deep. I had to haul her back and go over some instructions on paddling, bad Mommy!

Fun lakeside; the best side!

Auntie-M took AA on a ride down the entire lake (south through the middle and lower lake). And stopped in to see cousins (Braisers/Whyte).
Saturday morning, Nana took AA to the public library to get more movies and books. We met with a local contractor to have my Mom's driveway sealed (scheduled it for Monday).
We also went grocery shopping for our Sunday family dinner (chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy, pies and side dishes others are bringing) and did alot of the preparations.
AA slept over at her Auntie M's home, her first sleep over. She did great!
The weather is cooling down some, hoping for sunny days!

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