Saturday, July 20, 2013

Catching up - Thursday - Still Hot - Having More Fun!

We had a relaxing morning; Nana went off to work so we ran errands and had lunch at our new favorite Gloucester Village Store, then to the Spring Meadow Golf course. Another really hot day for Maine, in the low 90's. Then we headed to Portland for a quiet "wine crawl" sans Alyzabeth. Thanks to my Mom and Melissa.

 Too hot for smiles!
We left the golf course in time before the summer rain shower began:
Chipping up to Hole 9:
Handshake at the end of every game!
Lunch was before the golf game; enjoyed our favorite supreme pizza:
Cold Italian sandwich:
I had a unique salad with goat cheese, roasted red pepper, greens and cranberries:
We have a few easy projects we can do around my Mom's home and putting the "Cobb" street and name signs back up was one of them. Ford did the brackets and I had the honor of climbing on the top of the truck cab (improvised ladder) to take down the few remaining signs, then putting back up the repaired signs.

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