Sunday, July 14, 2013

Catching Up - More Maine Fun! Thursday Evening and Friday July 12th

Thursday evening we went back to the New Gloucester Village Store and tried their pizza (the "Delicious" and the Supreme). All good! Afterwards, we drove over to Ginny Stone's house to visit along with Terri and George (they were helping Ginny learn her new iPad).Ginny's yard and gardens are beautiful.

On Friday, we went out for errands and Nana Ann babysat (played) with Alyzabeth. In the afternoon, Ford took AA golfing (the front nine at Spring Meadow), then took her fishing at our lake. I missed seeing their latest catches!
Archery at L.L.Bean was fun; took the Discovery class with cousin Hilary. Learned new terminology, keep the arm straight (holding the bow), keep other elbow up when pulling back on the arrow; stand perpendicular to the target, stand straight, wear finger and arm guards, wear glasses, don't aim at others (!), don't death grip the bow, pull back to the same place (on the side of your face)........ you can't believe all the rules! Hilary hit the bulls eye FOUR times! I think I had a record number on the next ring (red) but NO bulls eyes! All fun! (of course the beer afterwards at Gritty's was almost as good!).
AA's fish; she caught two and her Daddy caught one. Still all too small to keep. I am still waiting for our Maine fish fry!

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