Friday, July 12, 2013

Catching Up - Monday July 8th and Tuesday 9th

Monday: Lots of fun already even with summer rain showers. Ford was able to get the new motor working (much thanks again to Jim and George who helped on Sunday). We are enjoying exploring the lake:

Fishing from the dock:

Mom's home:
Next door, my sister Melissa lives:
I think this is the dock of the cottage where the kids are renting later this month:
Ford also took AA golfing at the Gray Spring Meadow cousre. He was pleasently surprised at it; a bit wet from the rains, but will defineatly return.
And of course, Happy hour on the deck!
Tuesday, the 9th started out raining but did clear and stay somewhat dry most of the day. We went to the Town Hall to buy our fishing licenses, then to the Public Library to check out the summer activities (almost none, a bit disappointed) and AA read a book for her summer program. Off to lunch at the New Gloucester Village Store and then golfing at Val Halla Golf Course. From the golf course, we stopped in at the Pineland Farms Market (we will check out their many educational sessions for kids too) and the New Gloucester Farmer's Market.
We arrived home and grilled hotdogs and enjoyed a simple dinner. These vacation days are wearing us out! Off to bed for another good nights sleep!
 Golfing at Val Halla; AA played well on eight of the nine holes; we are all out of practice!
 Pineland Farmer's Market (I am going to bake a strawberry-rhubarb pis!):
  The New Gloucester Farmer's Market:

 More fishing off the dock! Many "bites" but didn't reel in the "big one"!
Playing with dominoes with Nana (above).
Can't wait for another fun, busy, enjoyable day!

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