Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Sunday Swim Time!

The pool was so quiet today (Sunday the 2nd). A few clouds and I guess the families stayed away. We arrived about 10:45 a.m. and stayed until almost 2 p.m. Only a few people came and went.

Alyzabeth doing her ISR back float; we have her practice; since we were alone, her Daddy had her "float and flip" a few times.
Lunch was burgers again, they just taste so good! Our sides were coleslaw and bean salad.
Ford caught a few of me and Alyzabeth. AA used to wear her sunglasses swimming, now she will not go in unless she has her L.L. Bean goggles (from Nana):

There were a few sun showers, we had fun as it was so warm, summer weather is here!
I must have hit the manual button on the camera so this series during the hardest rain were blurry (above), how could I not have noticed??
AA did meet a new friend, eight-year old Mason. They had fun together so maybe will see him again (his Grandmother lives in Club).
We love swimming in the pool!

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