Monday, June 10, 2013

Last Day of School - Kindergarten is Over!

The school year is over and we have lots of memory books from Mrs. Reed to keep for AA.The last week of school, parents were invited into the classroom to look over the scrapbooks. Mrs. Reed prepared a monthly book, a photo/scrapbook plus they had their poem book and writing book.

The monthly book had one page per month, mainly about a holiday.
AA's writing book had sentences that each student was encouraged to write and draw a picture. This one says "I play in a golf tournament tomorrow". (Oct. 2012)
This one says "I will be a tiger for Halloween".
"If I was President I would let all kids have pets".
Her monthly school calendar:
Her poem book had her weekly assignment to memorize which the class sang to a well known tune (this one to "Take me out to the ball game")
Candy Hearts is sung to "Jingle Bells". It made the memorizing much easier for the kids!
The Fuzzy Caterpillar is sung to Ittsy Bitsy Spider.
This last book is the scrapbook with some photos and cute creations:

And finally, the Kindergarten Certificate of Completion!

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Catherine said...

Wow! What amazing gifts these are to you! Love the creativity of AA's teachers!

LOL - love her hair in the pics she draws. Precious!