Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Follow-Up!

Our family gathered at the Outback Crab Shack on Six Mile Creek, located just south on State Road 13 of the Shands Bridge. The six Dads were there: Grand-Dads Ford, Werner, Carl; the younger set: Justin, Jesse and Jordan. Christa did her perfect nanny/au pair impersonation; she's always patient with the girls and loves hanging with them to give the parents a break.

Kilee, Mila, Livi and Alyzabeth (second photo they are all squinting; very sunny hot afternoon):
Dads Jesse and Justin:
Dylan was always with the older girls but never seemed to get right in the picture. She's a beauty!
Christa getting them all to smile!
I didn't get a photo with all the Dads - Only Jordan's elbow shows in this photo:
The leftovers!
Mila running very fast!
It was hot, so Kilee climbed on her Dad's shoulders for a closer breeze:
Daddy Ford received homemade cards from the grands. AA took some pads of paper and wrote Happy Father's Day on it to give to all the Dads. For AA's Dad, we selected a new hard cover the for iPad and a stylus. Even though the iPad was a gift to me, each of us keeps buying accessorizes for it; we are a family that shares the one iPad that sticks together!

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