Friday, June 14, 2013

Banana Pudding - Retirement Luncheon for John

At work we have many people retiring. Our plant was initially staffed in the mid-80's with employees with 5 - 15 years of experience. Fast forward 28 years and many are retiring. Most are leaving with very little fanfare; after such a long career at a municipality, most just say it is time to leave. Our friend and co-worker is leaving so we hosted a small luncheon at work. AA helped make the pan of banana pudding and cole slaw. I purchased Sticky Fingers BBQ, beans, potato salad. All was good and we enjoyed our lunch visit with John.
These photos are of AA making extras to keep at home for her and Daddy Ford. We didn't get a picture of the final pan I took to work. Banana Pudding is a great southern dessert!

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