Sunday, May 05, 2013

Visiting Mom - Home, Sweet, Home

I flew to Maine to visit my Mom recently when she gave us a bit of a scare (she's on the mend). All seems well now, so had a great visit.
My two sisters, brother-in-law, nephew and his girlfriend all came last Saturday to help with the yard work. Raking and planting flowers. It looks very spring-like now. We had five days of beautiful weather and just warm enough where my "acclimated Floridian body" didn't freeze!
Cousin Jim came over for a visit with Auntie Jean and he cleaned out the house gutters.

Small purple crocuses beginning to open along with lots of daffodils:

Terri and George filled up Mom's box planters with colorful annuals:

Jim doing the risky work for us! Thank you!
Morning sunrise:

One of my favorite "local" sandwiches, Lobster Roll; I bought some already picked lobster meat and we made five or six rolls:
Many loons on the lake, if you didn't see them, you could hear them:

Sister Melissa handling the heavy work, driving the truck, emptying the leaves in the pit plus raking:

Mom watching the action and taking pictures with her iPad:

Yep, discovered a pile of snow under the leaves, leftover from where Melissa would push the snow over to the side of the house:
Sunny and 60's during the day!
Terri cleaning up the perennial bed:

It was a great first few days in Maine, more posts to follow!

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Vivian M said...

So glad your Mom is doing better! What a wonderful place to live.