Monday, May 13, 2013

Visit to Maine Part 2 (April 2013)

I had a great visit with my immediate Maine family from April 26th - May 1st....
I did help with the yard raking as you saw from my first Maine post; and I did a little painting too.

Mom took me out to dinner at the Royal River Grill house (used to be the Cannery); the food was great and the view even better:

I took a picture of an old photo hanging in my Mom's home: I took this picture one of the times I was a passenger with my Dad as he piloted a rental plane over Little Sebago Lake. I am not sure where the original film negative is, so took this photo. I thought it was cool, as I got the plane's windshield reflection in it. I had it enlarged and gave it to my Dad as a gift, maybe around the early 1980's. Love the big island and the beauty of our lake.
I posted this on Facebook, my yummy homemade french toast with our neighbor, the Morse's, homemade maple syrup!
All gone!

The final two pictures are of my breakfast at the Portland International jetport on the morning of my departure. It was delayed more than three hours, so United gave me a voucher which I immediately spend on this delicious breakfast at Linda Bean's restaurant. Another BIG yummy! Can't wait for my next trip  home!

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