Monday, May 20, 2013

The Past Week - A Little of Everything!

I had a great Mother's Day over a week ago. Perfume and self-decorated cake from little daughter and a spa gift card from oldest daughter.Then the week went by quickly, I had a vertigo spell so was sick one day, then just felt fuzzy for the rest of the week. By Friday, I was feeling better, wish I knew the source of my problem!

Last Friday evening, we met with our neighbors at the River House; this was their first visit. Hubby brought a tray of veggies and turkey roll-ups; great way to start the weekend!

My photography talent has left me, couldn't get a good photo at all this past week! AA came out blurry and I couldn't capture her smile!

While waiting for Carolyn to arrive on Saturday, we walked around the Club. The sun was bright and I didn't get any good photos of AA. I haven't taken any lately, so though it would be a good "Daily Dose". So here are my little girl squinting in all the photos!

These two below were taken in front of a painting on the deck; a little better smile!

Cousin Carolyn came for an over night visit and brought her little dog, Fayah. She is only 6 pounds and is very friendly. We went swimming in the pool and took walks with the dog. AA always talks about having a dog, so this was her chance to learn how to walk the dog and play with her. AA doesn't really remember her year with our Salty Dog so she enjoyed Fayah's visit.

Hope everyone has a great week! We are looking forward to getting back on the golf courses with Alyzabeth, the Memorial Day weekend and soon school will be out!

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