Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend - Beginning

We began our long Holiday weekend with taking AA to play golf as she has a tournament on Sunday, the 26th. Due to a rained our tournament and the schedule, there hasn't been a tournament in four weeks. She played well as each hole concluded and did make par on Hole #8 (Par three). After golfing, we picked up Carmelo's pizzas and visited with daughter Leaa and family. The girls swam in their community pool and had some play time together.

We went for a couple of walks, one with her Daddy. It was a very hot Friday, in the mid-90's then cooler (low 80's) the next few days.

We went to the pool on Saturday and Club family the Kiely's were there. Their son, Ben, is a school-mate, attends OPE, so AA had fun with him in the pool. We all had burgers from the Cabana, yummy with fruit or potato salad.

School is out after only six more days! Happy Memorial day!

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