Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jacksonville Golf Spring Tour Championship May 25th

The original U. S. Kids Championship game was postponed due to the one weekend we had about 10 inches of rain over four days. On May 25th, we played Palencia; an amazing golf course and the waterfront homes are gorgeous too. Most holes had no homes around the fairways and greens, so the natural beauty and water views were beautiful. It was also a very challenging course, many hills and hazards. AA seemed to be driving up over small mountains alot!
Tour Director Matt going over some notes with Palencia Golf Manager:

AA practicing her putting, warming up:
Matt's son Joe, at the driving range with Grand-Dad:

The tree! There was a narrow band opening for the girls to drive past the fallen tree:
Lots of hills!
The above photos are when I asked Bryn to tickle AA, to get a smile on her face for photos, it turned into a hand war (with McKelvey and Bella looking on at the craziness)!
Medal and trophy presentations: AA was third place for the game and first place for the Tour Championship. Isabella scored a 38 for first place - she's an amazing golfer (and only five years old!)!

Scoring table mayhem!
The ninth hole and view of Club House:
Bryn and Daddy Chad at the ninth hole:
Last, a few photos of the seven year old boys group:

Next is the Summer Tour, lessons and golf clinics!

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