Saturday, May 25, 2013

End of School Program - Kindergarten OPE

AA's elementary school held a year end program on May 21st that was singing and reading poems. All about summer fun, the beach and sports. Of the over 70 kindergarten children, AA was selected as one of 17 to memorize and recite a poem plus she sang a song in a small group too. She was awesome! So proud of her to walk up to the microphone and clearly say her words.
Glad she was in the front row so we could see her!

Friend and Club Family, Jane:
AA singing in her group:
Sang some songs while sitting:
Reciting her poem:
Ainsley and Kalena:
Singing with her classmates (Reed's Rabbits in red shirts):

Before the show; in her classroom:

Classmate and Club family, Benjamin:
Classmate Micheal:
All four Kindergarten classes (Pound's, Alfond's, Viola's and Reed's):
Wonderworks Pre-K friend, Ryder (we wrote about him in the past here):

It was a wonderful program, just under an hour, so perfect for these youngsters and parents!

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