Friday, May 17, 2013

Cupcake Carriers

With Alyzabeth and I perfecting several cupcake recipes, we have the problem of transporting the cupcakes after they are frosted. For every batch we make, all but three of four stay with us as we give away most of them to neighbors and to our favorite local River House Manager (Kelly).
Back in 2008, I found a great carrier and gave one away. Somehow, if I have one I don't know where it is (we moved last year, so many things are still packed!).
I was visiting with cousin Carolyn over a month ago and we went into a few stores after our luncheon date. It was a discount store and there were two different cupcake (24) carriers. Only two. One of each type. Of course, I had to have them. Our grown daughter loves making cupcakes too, so we can share (yes, that's one way I justified the purchase of two of them!).
This one collapses when not in use and can be used for a cake too (has two removable layers):

 The next three photos are of a cupcake shaped carrier with lift out trays:

 Love them both!

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