Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday Visitor!

Cousin Carolyn spent the night after babysitting the three girls (Dyan, Alivia and AA) for our birthday party at the River House. Normally, we would not have a family member babysit, but Carolyn had graciously offerd to keep them occupied and put them to bed so we could have a night "out" without AA. We are much more comfortable with her babysitting AA; and AA trusts her (and sister Leaa). We had a blast and all went well with the little ones.
Sunday morning, Carolyn and AA were off for a long walk. When they arrived back, they were their usually goofy and silly selves!
See that big bag? They found the "dead ball" area at our Club's tennis courts. More toys for the family dogs!

Love having Carolyn come for a visit!

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