Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Blender - Ninja!

We did alot of internet research about the best blenders.We have not had a blender in awhile, using our food processor when in need. Lately, we are committed to having a fruit/protein shake for one meal a day in order to cut down on our eating (not necessarily calories as we have learned). A blender is essential to making great smoothies. We freeze any fruit in season, any fruit beginning to show signs of becoming inedible (for us that means, peeling bananas, chopping into slices, freezing to use in smoothies) and the frozen fruit in grocery stores.
We follow the J. J. Virgin ingredients and omit her top seven (7) foods. No dairy. No soy. No sugars, peanuts, corn etc. Just Google anything on her seven foods to avoid and you will understand. We include one cup frozen fruit, one cup non-dairy liquid (usually unsweetened coconut milk), ground flax seed, protein powder and anything else you wish to throw in to blend.
Here's the blender we chose. Part on price (yes, seemed a good buy at less than $50.) and from on-line reviews.
I love it. Quiet. Powerful. So we march on with the plan to eat lighter in the evenings and using the shakes at night when a full meal doesn't make sense for us (AA always get a home cooked meal from her Daddy long before I get home from work). Ford and I have a bad habit of eating after 8 p.m. after AA went to bed. Now we have one of the J.J. Virgin smoothies. No late night over eating anymore.

Pay no attention to the wine glass in the background!!

We have slowly lost weight since starting this a month ago. No more over eating! Next, onto making a green juice drink for Monday mornings - doesn't it just sound yummy! (not!)

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