Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jacksonville U.S. Kids Golf Spring Tour Continues.... Eagle Landing

April 14, 2013: We played at Eagle Landing (Oakleaf - West Orange Park/Jacksonville). Rain was threatening but thought we would stay out of it. At the first hole, the umbrellas were up. Each girl (AA and Bryn) had their first drive; barely - while AA was at the tee, the sky let loose! Then we heard the thunder and saw a lightning bolt. Back to the Clubhouse we went.

The girls had fun playing and exploring in the Clubhouse, then running alot on the golf course while we waited for the groups ahead of us after play restarted.
 Who knows what they were talking about!
 They knew I was taking pictures, so thought covering their faces would stop me! Ha!

 Nearing the Ninth green, lots of loud geese around us!
A playoff was won by AA. We are so proud of her progress, her best score ever of a 46. And she won the playoff. Bryn was upset, she hasn't played many tournaments so was still processing how well she played today; which was her best, so hoping she had some happy thoughts too! Bryn will be winning many tournaments in her future; she's just beginning and getting better each time she plays!
 Back home, we had AA hang up her new medal. So much fun having our family golf outings.

 We love seeing all the families and the memories of each happy moment as the children shine!

 Mr. Matt is always a joy to see; he makes each child feel special of their accomplishment!
 A few rain drops to remember the day by!

Once home, we watched the end of the Masters; they had pouring rain too. Also a playoff. AA felt the connection, it was a joy to watch with her as she saw the fabulous moments the winner (and loser had). Happy Golfing!

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Catherine said...

Congratulations AA! Way to go!!