Monday, April 15, 2013

Jacksonvile U.S. Kids Golf - Fleming Island

Catching up on posts: This is from April 7, 2013. A U.S. Kids Golf Tournament held at Fleming Island Golf Course.
First timer Bryn Sorge came in from South Georgia and she is a great new player. AA and her were instant friends and had fun (Bryn is four months older than AA). Bryn didn't know what to expect so was open to doing her best and learning.
Since I am so late writing this, we have since played a second tournament together at Eagle Landing (to be posted tomorrow). I will be catching up on many posts during this week and most will be out of order (I am happy just to get anything posted for this family photo/scrapbook).
We had fun and can't wait to continue playing with Bryn.
All these photos are out of order - just know the girls were cute together, the happiest I have seen AA with a competitor! Friends before, during and afterwards!
Mr. Matt getting ready for the medal presentations:

Walking the course:
Love seeing the girls get their medals:

Ninth hole final course photos:

Scoring table:
This was at Hole #1: Shaking hands before the game begins:
Enjoying the stroll; very nice day!

Wish more girls would join the sport! It's fun!

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