Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

My Mom sent me two great gifts: a very yummy edible fruit arrangement and some tops from L.L. Bean. Ford took a few photos of me wearing my new duds! Thanks Mom!

A couple of chocolate covered bananas are missing; didn't make it home for the photo shoot; they are way too delicious!

Now that I have met the minimum age for my work retirement, off to look for another job, my second career (my co-workers since 1985 have been great, but want and hope my second career is more fun than working in a power plant!).
Next up is a family and local friends party tonight at the River House. Cara Cruce Smith designed the invite - isn't she talented!


Jboo said...

Happy Birthday!! You look so pretty!


Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Alyson! Hope you had a great time at your party surrounded by many family and friends!

Wheee! Are you officially retired from your current job? What fun to try something new!

Red Sand said...

Happy birthday!

Jen said...

Happy birthday! Love the new clothes! So cute. :)