Sunday, April 14, 2013

First Time in Pool - April 13, 2013

I am finally back to sitting at the computer to catch up on our family events. I just made a list of what has happened in the past couple of weeks and have fourteen (14) posts to write! Yikes!

Saturday, April 13, 2013: The pool water has been too cool for me to jump in and swim, so far this year. Even though we have had some nice spring weather, it hasn't been hot enough for me to take AA to the pool. So on Saturday April 13, 2013, after going to the Clay County Fair (which was a sunny warm day), I asked AA if she wanted to check the pool. She said yes, so we walked over. Well, there were several families in the pool (yes, they were shivering a bit, but in it!). So AA decided it was time. She donned her wet suit and jumped in. After less than 10 seconds, the wet suit was off and she enjoyed about 30 minutes of swimming before she declared that was enough. I managed to walk around the shallow end up to my waist. All in all, a fine first dip in the pool!

Drying off and warming up in the sun:

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