Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Tour 2013 - Fernandina Beach Golf

We are enjoying the U. S. Kids Jacksonville Golf Spring Tour; this past Sunday we were at Fernandina Beach, which we have been once before (see November 2012 blog post).
Practice swings at the driving range:

The Tour banner that every player signs:
Above: the golf course is right across from the airport and it was a busy and noisy day!
Below: The Grandmother (Janice) keeping the Forte children busy during the game:
Above and below photos: At the end, the ninth hole. At this point we hadn't realized that it was a tie:
With a tied score, the girls went out to play hole number one again. AA's competitor has a strong drive and lots of potential; AA was able to keep her drives straight and won the hole. Her first playoff and her first win during a playoff!
A great day in many ways as we met new friends, learned about having a playoff and know more about patience. Golf is a wonderful sport for a child to play!

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