Sunday, March 03, 2013

Random Links Around the Blogsphere

I find really inspiring information, advice, information, tips, wisdom all over facebook. It is so easy to share. Just write a note and paste the link - voila!
I recently decided (so that I can remember where I have been on the internet and facebook in the past few weeks), that I will occasionally post about my favorite articles. I want to remember the wisdom when I make the annual "blog book". I don't know how to keep facebook as an electronic file or book or even how to search for old facebook posts. I still like good old Blogger! Some of these links are my favorites from long ago, but would like to include them.

This article is about how to love your daughters, ways to show your love. The comments had additional ways such as to be the good example, show love and honor to their father and really listen to your daughter when she talks. I like the idea to have activities with her friends by driving them to activities, play dates, etc so that you know what is going on and can help them through some friendship difficulties. I also really like Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" anti-obesity campaign, the video with Jimmy Fallon was so funny! Make sure you stand up and do the Mom dancing!

I also read a few stories about Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark. He posted this on his facebook page. Amazing. This man is smart, compassionate and has led the city to do great things.

1. To have wealth: create value for others
2. To obtain freedom: adopt discipline
3. To gain tomorrow: sacrifice today
4. To be secure: take risks
5. To lead: serve
6. To get up: lift another
7. To get revenge: forgive
8. To win: find the lessons in loss
9. To fly: fall often
10. To change the world: change yourself

Speaking of ways to live our life in an inspired manner, with discipline and lifting up others: my biggest "beef" is with Americans who keep spouting off about how they did not vote for our President. The election is over and now we are to work with our leadership. If you have a problem about that, pray to God to guide and give wisdom to our elected officials. Sometimes one needs to listen to our officials with ears open and eyes closed - like the show the Voice. Discerning what is being said rather than who said it, for understanding. We need to stop complaining, whining and spewing venon. Doesn't help anyone, least of all YOU.

Music: We loved the music reality shows and enjoyed Terry McDermott's rise to fame on the Voice. One of our favorite songs is Imagine, and that is part of our blog name and history. Here is the link to hear Terry perform this amazing song. 

And who has not caught onto the Downton Abbey PBS Masterpiece Theater? Love it, love it! Now to wait until January 2014! I am hearing about a few more actors who have not resigned their contract. Oh, how things are changing!

Locally, we are exploring St. Augustine as we plan to move there sometime soon when I retire. We know the town inside and outside from years of "visiting". Our cousins Gloria and Joan lived on the beach for 30 years, our grown daughter an family lives there and we have "vacationed" there (I had a wonderful 50th birthday party there years ago). So we know the tourist attractions, antique shops, the beaches, restaurant and walking the streets and discovering new places is so much fun. Our daughter introduced us to a local photographer, Renee and now we learn more and more about the town while we shop for a house. Can't wait to make the move and continue with an exciting life with our kids and grand kids. Here is Richard Villadoniga, a foodie critic that we are reading to keep up with the restaurant action.

One of my favorite on line shopping sties is Etsy. So many wonderful homemade, home created goods. Love shopping for my "hard to buy for" family and friends. Love the unique and personalized gifts. Plus, I get ideas for things I can make myself along with cruising through Pinterest!

Blog2Print - SharedBook: This is where I have our blog printed in book form each year. Our blog went from the international adoption journey to our family photo album. Nothing too profound on it anymore, just our week to week life in print.

And not necessarily last, I love reading parenting advice from John Rosemond. His advice gives you real life examples and options depending on the age and behavior of the child. Definitely good reading about kids growing up!

Things I am doing better in 2013:
Volunteer at a food pantry. I found a local food redistribution facility so will begin the process of signing up and carving out time to be there for a few hours. 
I want to exercise regularly. Of course, we all want to be in better shape. It was very fortuitous that my Mom won a raffle at our Chinese New Year celebration for six yoga classes. So Alyzabeth and I have been to one together. It was wonderful. I finally can exercise and not feel guilty about being away from AA! Love that it was "coincidental" or maybe not!!
I continue to serve on the FUMCH Children's Home Board of Trustees. I love this Home, it has been serving children who need a home for 104 years. If you want a truly rewarding service to other, volunteer at a children's Home. How better way to change the future of the world by starting with children. I want to keep finding out better ways to serve this organization.

If you know how to capture the facebook entries into a journal, let me know. Would like to preserve that as part of our annual photo album/scrapbook.

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