Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vanilla Extract is Ready!

The homemade vanilla extract I made is ready to be used. I kept two bottles for myself. I strained about half of each bottle through a coffee filter and then filled two used vanilla extract bottles. I then filled the two original glass bottles back full with vodka. These two bottles will go into the dark cupboard for about six months. I just love making my own! Next, I will have to perfect another flavor of extract for gift giving.
The straining:

Refilling the glass vanilla bottles with vodka (we used the vodka bottles for Hubby's incense burner craft, so I had to store leftover vodka in a juice bottle).
Now to be patient!


Vivian M said...

You lost the vodka used to make the vanilla extract, or is that just for vanilla flavoured vodka, or is that for incense?

Alyson and Ford said...

There are two ingredients for vanilla extract: vodka and vanilla beans. The vodka is for the extract. Hope this helps. I linked my post on how to make it.
The empty bottles are used for a craft (incense burners).

Vivian M said...

Thanks, I had no idea!