Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day Recap! Day of Love

Happy Valentine's Day Recap! We had Valentine's Day cupcakes at the River House on Tuesday (the 12th), enjoying Jesse's music, family (Cathy, Werner, Nicole, Jordan, Mila, Leaa, Alivia, Dylan) and some friends that dropped in. It was nice to see the Chilton's, Martin's plus Pam and Dianna too!
Our Valentine's Day card exchange was on Wednesday the 13th as Nana was leaving the next morning, the 14th to head back to the FROZEN North!
Homemade and store bought cards:

I teared up when AA gave me her homemade card - I am the "best ever in the world" Mommy!
Drawing by AA:
Walking to the River House on Tuesday, no other pictures from that evening. We ate Aron's pizzas, enjoyed a drink and it seemed to get dark so soon.
Above: Letter for Alyzabeth from Nana.
Below: School Valentine's Day goodies including a book of AA's Valentine's from classmates:

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