Saturday, February 02, 2013

Missouri Family Visit

My Hubby made his way to Missouri (January 24 - 27) for a family visit. Looks and sounds like he had a great time.They all attended Lane and Jack's basketball games, met up with old friends, had a BBQ feast, enjoyed a fried fish dinner and enjoyed non-stop conversations. He also took a dozen of his homemade incense burners to give out. He's perfecting his production of them and they are so useful and pretty if you like burning stick incense instead of candles.

Everyone supported the home team - all wore an Advance High School T-Shirt though Hubby didn't have his on for the photo. Claims he was inside cooking hush puppies and rushed outside for the photo shoot!

Top: Hubby, brother Bill, SIL Joan (wife to Bill), brother Ben and Aunt Jan (Rhett's mom). Below: cousin Rhett is in the middle.

The Morgan "Boys":

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