Friday, January 11, 2013

Visiting New Friends - Maisie and Lisa

We had the GREAT pleasure of meeting up with Bloggy friend Maisie and Mom Lisa last weekend.  Visit their family blog and you will get some great ideas about children's activities (we stole her practice of using the book "Summer-Bridge"). Also, if you love cooking (she addresses some food allergies too), check out her separate blog of recipes. All yummy!
These photos are a bit out of order but you get the idea - lots of smile from all of us chatting and eating an early dinner at the Golden Corral in Leesburg, FL. This restaurant has a huge variety of foods, plenty to please all of us, plus it is set up for you to over eat, which is what I did! The girls ate well, then tackled the dessert bar, ice cream, fudge, marshmallows with a chocolate fountain for coating all the other yummy desserts. The ultimate? Blue cotton candy!
AA's plate full of her favorite foods:

The girls were so sweet, interacted very well. We will miss that we don't have the opportunity to be closer. But you never know!

Hand-holding going to the ladies restroom!

We had a nice restaurant patron who took the picture of all five of us. We hope to all visit again soon!

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Lisa~~ said...

I am so happy that we finally had the opportunity to meet, just wish it hadn't taken so long. It is too bad we're not closer as the girls are so much alike and would be great friends. Hopefully soon we can get together again. Great meeting all of you, such an enjoyable time.