Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Paper Crafting - Fun and Messy!

While missing Daddy, we had fun catching up on some gifts AA had received but we never seemed to set aside time to do them. This is a great phenomenon as we can always find new things to play with in her room! AA's Aunt-T and Uncle George sent her this gift for her birthday. We decided it would be perfect to make some white, pink and red paper for Valentine's Day crafts. I will say, watch out for any dye in the recycle paper you use. We ended up with pink and red hands! It also stained anything we worked on...... clean up was a bit laborious!

Lots of prep time, ripping paper into shreds, then into a blender or food processor with water for a minute or two:
After using the screens, pressing out most of the water, it will now dry over night.
The photo above shows the mess in the sink! I think we will stick with white paper in the future!
Again, what a mess! It will be fun to use in the Valentine's Day card AA will make for someone special - so don't tell Daddy!

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