Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Photos - Fun Being the SAHM!

I will probably post lots more about my four days with little daughter, AA. We are having fun and making it a mini vacation for me too! I took two vacation days from work as Hubby is out of town. Here's our first after school activity yesterday:
AA and I enjoyed the pleasant afternoon together playing nine holes of golf. I say pleasant as the weather was great for a NE Florida January day! Sunny, 70 degrees, a bit of a crisp wind, so very nice! She played well after we both struggled on the first few holes. We did not do any practicing before hand or any warm up. After that, she was shooting well. Her last three holes were strokes of two 4's and one 5. Pretty good.I, on the other hand, lost five balls (yes, five balls) into water hazards. I gave up after the seventh hole and did my Caddy duties for AA. I still had fun and AA is a pro at ordering (I mean giving directions, discussing which club to use, etc) me around! I did let her drive the golf cart on one hole, but she has to stand up to reach the foot pedal. I should have taken a picture! Oops, wouldn't want any evidence!

What fun and a beautiful day!
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Jboo said...

Looks like a great Mother/Daughter day! Enjoy your SAHM time and your nice weather!

Tish said...

sounds like a wonderfully perfect day with your daughter!! love her cute little golf outfit!!