Thursday, January 03, 2013

Falcons Fire Golf Course 12/30/12 - Kissimmee

We ventured south for the Orlando Winter Tour (we played one tournament, Solivia in August here with the same girls). This was another tournament that was fun in many ways. The competing girls (Olivia S. and Olivia I.) were friendly along with their parents. AA played her best with a score of 51 (tied her best in all tournaments to date). The golf course was as nice as any we have been on; it is Falcons Fire (Seralago) and we will not be able to say enough nice things about it. The staff were all fine (inside and outside staff), the cafe had good, solid, fresh food, the building and grounds (including the lovely strutting wild turkeys) added to the enjoyment. The golf course was groomed nicely for the girls. Some of the fringe grasses seemed a little high (or is that "deep"). All in all, it was a great public course and we would recommend it to anyone in the area.
Of course, AA being awarded second place was a real treat!

Right after receiving her medal:
AA and her Caddy-Daddy; I always get great photos of their backsides!

The public club house:

The ninth hole:

Very windy, chilly, cold, sunny day! We bundled up!

Final scores:

All our jackets we took with us and at one time we were all wrapped up in them on the golf cart!
The next morning "hanging" the medal in our living room. She's up to number 16 (she told me her goal is to have 25 before she turns 7!). If she places in the Jacksonville Spring tour of eight tournaments, plus the one this coming Sunday in the final Orlando Winter Tour, she will have her 25!  Good luck to AA!

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