Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Crafts - Monogram Mugs - Last Craft

Last post about our Christmas crafts and homemade goodies. I made my usual hot fudge sauce (cooked it and canned it in a jelly Ball jar), I still make Christmas gift tags from last years Christmas cards and Hubby made his rice krispie treats with thick chocolate on the top for gifts.
Hubby and I talked about the usual homemade gifts we make for gifts each Christmas, each year he has perfected a peanut brittle recipe and makes a dozen batches and I have made a variety of "home-mades" (Nana Joy's caramel corn, chocolate pretzels, Christmas pot holders, Christmas tree ornaments) but lately only have made canned hot fudge sauce (to me it is so very chocolatey good)! While searching the internet, we found a few more homemade gifts to try. Here is one that is simple and can be used on any ceramic or glass object.The supplies needed are a mug you like that has room for a monogram. We bought ones from Goodwill stores and some new from Walmart and Target.  Carolyn used several odd shapes (sugarer, honey pot, etc) and will give them away with seeds as a small herb garden. All came out very nice. Buy the porcelain pen colors you want to use (we bought black and silver pens) or glass paint (we used Martha Stewart's red paint). We practiced on a white creamer we already owned and will keep using.
After drying over night and baking in a non-preheated oven for 40 minutes, your gift is ready. Think of the possibilities: adding initials and a wedding date (or any other significant date). Here's the directions we followed at Design Mom.
Carolyn making AA's gift which will be filled with candy and hot chocolate mix:

Here's our creamer we use every morning, sporting a new monogram "M":

It was fun and I think there are endless possibilities for personalized gifts!

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I love this idea. Very nice!